RF Shields

RF Shields

Our 25-year experience in the wireless industry has made us experts in the production of RF shields, antennas, battery contacts, and other board-level components. These parts can be produced from a wide range of metals such as tin-plated cold rolled steel, nickel silver alloys, stainless steel, and beryllium copper with material thicknesses ranging from 0.003″ to 0.016″.

Custom Packaging

In-house Carrier Tape Manufacturing and Tape & Reel packaging allows Connor to control the Bill of Material. This ensures better control of costs, quality and delivery.

Fence & Lid – Assembly Solution

Our latest innovation involves using the same progressive die to manufacture both RF fences and lids, produced as either a complete assembly or individual components. This solution increases process flexibility and provides customers with the benefit of purchasing replacement parts when required. The innovation also provides cost savings on both tooling and part price.