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Connor is a worldwide leader providing customized solutions to your precision metal stamping, wire forms, springs and integrated assembly needs.

New Connor Facility in Kunshan Jiangsu China

Connor Manufacturing is pleased to announce a second China facility, located in Kunshan Jiangsu China… More

Bus Bars: The New Distribution of Power

A key strategy for the worldwide automotive industry is to design vehicles that incorporate leading-edge advances in electric power capabilities… More

Precision Metal Stamping

With over 100 years experience in design and manufacturing, Connor is well established as one of the premier precision metal stamping suppliers… More

Aerospace Manufacturing Solutions

Connor is AS9100, and is able to rapidly gear up from custom prototype to mass production quantities… More

Thin Gauge Metal Stamping

We manufacture custom stamped components through coining, deep drawing, and four slide stamping… More

Custom Rod Forming and Wire Forming

CNC wire and CNC coiling equipment create an economical and technical ability for many types of custom springs and rod forms… More

Metal Fabrication Solutions

Here at Connor Manufacturing, we have tailored our capabilities to meet your metal fabrication needs. Including Precision Laser Cutting, Metal Forming, and Assembly… More

High Temperature Clips – Semiconductor Process Aides

Connor Clips™ are designed and manufactured to stand up to the extreme conditions and harsh environments while maintaining consistent alignment and force… More

Transceiver Cages – Interconnect Capabilities

Connor produces transceiver cages and accessories for customers in the interconnect industry… More

RF Shields – Telecommunications

Our 25-year experience in the wireless industry has made us experts in the production of RF shields, antennas, battery contacts, and other board-level components… More


Connor Product Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery of Connor products: Precision Metal Stamping, EV Battery Collector Plates, Busbars, Heavy Truck & Auto Brackets…
Connor Product Photo Gallery


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Printable (pdf) Brochures with more detailed information about Connor’s Products and Services.