Metal Fabrication Solutions

Here at Connor Manufacturing, we have tailored our capabilities to meet your metal fabrication needs. We offer metal fabrication solutions utilizing CO2 LASERS for cutting, various press brakes for forming, hydraulic presses for hardware insertion and welding for assembly, and strategic partnerships for finishing operations. These methods are designed to create an accurate, repeatable part in a timely, cost-efficient manner.

Precision Laser Cutting

Small precision parts

Do you have a unique flat pattern profile? Our hybrid Laser supports high mix-low volume projects. When low-cost and speed to market is important, consider Connor’s new product introduction (NPI) resources for your precision cutting needs. Various materials can be cut; Mild Steel, Stainless, Steel, Aluminum, ABS, Acrylic, PETG, UHMW, and Wood. Laser processing omits the need for expensive, time consuming custom profile tools.

Laser cutting systems can reduce manufacturing cost by eliminating traditional manufacturing sequences. The Laser processing can be programmed for virtually any design requiring little to no time for samples. In addition, repeatability capabilities allow for higher accuracy and quality parts resulting in a decrease in outside processing (cleaning, deburring). Furthermore, the nearly limitless design and production capability of the Laser affords the customer zero expenditures on tooling, reducing the risk on prototyped parts and allowing for inexpensive revisions

Metal Forming

Larger precision parts

An integral part of sheet metal fabrication is the forming process.

Connor offers several forming methods to accommodate any project budget, specifications, and lead times. The CNC Press Brake is capable of working with a wide range of materials, tolerances, and thicknesses. This equipment has programmable software that significantly reduces setup times, increases efficiency, and provides greater quality and savings to the customer.

Forming operations will offer a wide range of precision and tolerances while accommodating varying production volumes from prototypes to higher production runs. However, all of these specifications cannot be met unless accuracy and quality is provided in the cutting and assembly stages.

Assembly Solutions

Welding is one of the most commonly used manufacturing processes today. This process melts and fuses metal pieces together to create a permanent bond. Due to the strength of this bond, welding methods are used in a range of industrial applications like automobiles, heavy trucking, aerospace applications, and renewable energy.

Consider Connor’s in-house welding capabilities to address your industrial assembly needs. We offer welding processes in manual, semi-automated, or fully automated levels including special considerations for projects requiring soldering, brazing, or plasma cutting. Various materials can be welded: low/medium Carbon Steels (high carbon on request), Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Inconel, Monel, Brass/Copper, and certain alloys.

Here at Connor we are equipped with MIG, TIG, Flux Core, Submerged, and brazing/soldering welding capabilities. All of these methods can be cost, labor, and time saving for you when looking at your metal fabrication needs. Our skilled welding team and process engineer department will work with you to find a suitable welding process for your project.

Tool Transfer & Die Design Solutions

Connor’s Tool Transfer & Die Design Program starts and ends with our design engineer team who will work with you every step of the way.