High Temperature Clips


Connor Clips™ are designed and manufactured to stand up to the extreme conditions and harsh environments while maintaining consistent alignment and force.

Connor Clips are designed to utilize the properties of Stainless Steel and Inconel to perform in extreme temperatures and chemical exposure. This combination of materials not only allows for the clips to operate in temperatures to 370ºC (700ºF) while maintaining accurate loads but also provides for longer product life, cycle after cycle. The clips unique pivot design offers even tip load pressure. A common use for these clips is uniform hermetic sealing and alignment of packages during a manufacturing process requiring exposure to a high temperature belt furnace. Bonding materials commonly used in these processes are solder paste alloy or epoxies.

Process Aides

Connor products include high quality, Process Carriers (Boats), Magazines, High-Temperature clips and other customized process logistics. Our vertical integration allows us to support the various needs of our customers from design through production. Internal processes include: Progressive Stamping, Single Stage Stamping, Four-Slide, Scan Welding, Laser Welding, & Marking, Heat Treatment and Force Testing.