Busbars for Electric Vehicles

Busbars for Electric Vehicles

Connor Manufacturing, with locations in China, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and the U.S., is a leading supplier of Busbars for electric vehicles. Connor’s worldwide locations enable their program management teams to work with designers at OEM and Tier 1 suppliers. We deliver anywhere on the globe, inter-facing directly on-site, in the local language with customers in the United States, Europe, China, Japan, and Mexico to provide expert, hands-on advice regarding manufacturing. End-users of Connor-made parts include Daimler, GM, Volvo, VW, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, leading electric vehicle manufacturers, and others. This customized support also helps Connor’s automotive customers meet tight deadlines and reduce costs. The company works side by side with design engineers to select the proper material, dimensions, tolerances, and optimal performance with the best cost solutions. Types include PCS, Line energy, Copper Busbars, Aluminium Busbars, Flexible Copper Busbars, Flexible Aluminium Busbars (Diffusion Bonded), Laminated, Surge protection, and Electrical panel Busbars.
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Solid Busbars
Flexible Busbars

Solid Busbars
Given the electric vehicle’s insatiable appetite for electric power, methods for assembling a car’s electrical power architecture become critical – both for safety and performance. Connor’s briefcase of precision solutions in Precision Stamping and CNC Multi-Slide forming satisfies the exacting Busbar design and use in single or multiple conductor applications. Connor designs and builds tooling to produce customized Copper Busbar, Aluminium Busbar, Copper Flex Busbar, Aluminium Flex Busbar solutions that enable tight tolerance specifications for busbar performance and automatic assembly needs. Connor’s CNC Multi-Slide forming enables a complex busbar design that requires multiple axes bending, forming, and twist profile that is needed for numerous continuous power connections required in today’s tight-spaced, high-performance engines. In addition, minimum or zero material waste can be achieved, reducing your product cost.

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Flexible Busbars
A key strategy for the worldwide automotive industry is to design vehicles that incorporate leading-edge advances in electric power capabilities. As power systems become faster and more complex, the challenges to efficiently integrate busbars in tight-spaced E-powertrain or Battery Management Systems ( BMS ) have become increasingly relevant. These requirements are driving the need for greater flexibility for configuration and production of both large and small footprint busbar inter-connection. Connor produces Multi-Layered Copper Flexible Busbar and Aluminium Flexible Busbar Assemblies meeting the exact requirements and challenges of today and tomorrow’s electric vehicles.

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Established in 1913, Connor Manufacturing, is a US-based company with manufacturing sites located in the USA, Mexico, China, and Malaysia. Connor is a one-stop precision engineering solution provider for your stamped metals and metal fabrication needs.

The markets we serve include Busbars for Electric Vehicles, Automotive, Heavy Truck, Data Communication, Consumer Electronics, Medical, Industrial & Renewable Energy, and High Temperature Clips. At Connor, quality, performance, precision, and people truly make a difference. We care about our customer’s needs and operate globally to provide products and services effectively and efficiently.
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