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From miniaturized automotive stampings with precious metals to the production of thick gauge large-format parts, Connor is the preferred source and offers one-stop solutions on supplying stamped metals for multiple segments within the automotive industry. Having established a robust quality management system that is fully compliant with all regulatory standards including TS 16949, and VDA 6.3, Connor is capable of producing parts with zero defect and reliable components for Leading Tier 1 Automotive Suppliers. Components for Automotive ( PDF )

Battery Management System
Safety & Sensors
Connectivity & Infotainment
Powertrain & Interior
Wire Harness
Battery Management System

Electric vehicles ( EVs ) are powered by many battery packs that are inter-connected and require an effective battery management system ( BMS ) to protect and maintain the battery cells in an operational condition while providing the necessary power efficiently. As the need for increased capacity and lifespan of batteries continues to grow, creating a safe and reliable, yet tight-spaced battery management system is one of the biggest challenges facing battery engineers.

Connor produces precision, complex, and highly clean stamped components for BMS, ranging from small format metal mechanical assemblies, such as welded terminals and busbars for CCS and NACS charging adaptors, to large-format 3D geometrical drawn BMS cover and aluminum battery collector plates with high surface tension requirements. This facilitates wire bonding used in connecting cells into the battery pack.

battery management system
 more battery management system
Safety & Sensor

The rising trend of autonomous driving results in higher requirements for Active and Passive Safety & Sensing Systems. Connor understands the specific quality requirements of these safety products and employs quality control processes to detect potential problems in real-time to avoid defects and ultimately achieve the goal of zero defects. Our quality control technology includes Statistical Process Control ( SPC ), Automated Optical Inspection & Real-Time Measurement System, and Lean Management to help exceed the quality standards. Precision Sensor housing parts are produced with Progressive Deep Draw Stamping or In-Die Joining System or Dovetail Forming interlocked. Thin-gauge and miniaturized parts with material that is pre or post-selective gold, silver, or nickel-plated are stamped in reel to reel with In-Line automated cleaning and reel packaging. Connor minimizes our process handling for better cost, quality, and traceability.

automotive safety sensor
automotive safety sensor small
Connectivity & Infotainment

The global automotive market is witnessing a rise in the adoption of connectivity technologies. Infotainment solutions and systems in cars are becoming increasingly complex and connected with rich features that need to maintain their compact architecture while preventing cross-interference. Connor produces complex geometry, tight tolerances with high cleanliness requirements in regards to stamped parts used in car antennas and infotainment systems, ranging from EMI Shielding, Antenna, Bracket, and Cover.

Connectivity Infotainment
Connectivity Infotainment small
Powertrain & Interior

Carmakers are installing more features to enhance the driving experience and passenger comfort. To allow for more space, customization, and comfort, some interior components may need to be re-imagined completely. Manufacturers are being challenged to create larger format, yet light-weight aero-dynamic products while not sacrificing efficiency for improved interior aesthetics and comfort. Connor produces large format stamped metals using various high-strength alloys and steels. Parts are produced with progressive stamping in large presses, eliminating manual stage stamping or secondary processes, resulting in lower part cost while achieving better quality and tighter tolerance. Connor supplies parts used in noise and thermal reduction, and components for adaptive seating and sunroof to Leading Tier 1 Automotive Power-Train and Interior Suppliers.

Power train Interior
Power train Interior small
Wire Harness

The rapid introduction of new technologies and the adoption of electrification and connectivity in cars are creating challenges for wire harness development. Cars are more wired but limited with the packaging space. Terminals and contacts have increasingly become smaller and thinner. Connor’s Deep Drawing Stamping technology with In-Die Side-Piercing, CAM Bending and Forming capabilities, and Progressive Stamping with In-Die Roll Forming Dovetail Interlocked technology enables us to produce intricate, thin-gauge components with tolerances as small as 0.02 millimeters.

Wire Harness
Wire Harness small

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